Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My three girls are sleeping right now and the boys are quietly playing with their legos. So I grab my Bible and quietly slip into my bedroom. Alaina is sleeping in there but I'll be quiet... it's just a few minutes of peace that I'm seeking.

This week has been full. Doctor appointments. Dentist appointments. Bridal Showers. Haircuts. School. and the list goes on... but I guess that is part of having a large family and even on the busy days there is nothing that I would want to change. But it is on those busy days that I seem to crave that peace and quiet even more.

And He is faithful.

It is in this time that He teaches me. He fills me. Even though it may only be five or ten minutes right now... it is time well spent. The house needs cleaned a little more before my Love is done with work and we head out for the evening but I needed this time... this time to sit and be still with my Father.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tomorrow we are starting our Easter break and we are all looking forward to it... five days for new and fun projects. five days to work on school planning. five days to enjoy the freedom to play outdoors whenever we want to. five days to have slower mornings. five wonderful days.

And then we'll be ready to finish off the last several weeks of our school year. Yay!! This has been such a wonderful school year... I am so happy with how well it has gone. We're learning and having fun - what more could you ask for?!


  1. Hi my girl, Just wish you were here for spring break with us. Love this post-and the joy you wear from being with firstly the Lord but also with each of your kiddos. Hugs to you today.
    Love you lots.

  2. very sweet. Thanks for sharing your heart. We all need that time to be still with my Father!

  3. What an Inspiring post. We've had a Busy day (testing) and I felt very overwhelmed...but you are right, even today, I would not trade my life. Thank you for the reminder.