Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is coming

The sun is bright and warm today, allowing for the windows to be open. Oh, how I love the warm, fresh air as it floods this home. Our ears are filled with the sweet song of a Lark, all reminding me that Spring is only weeks away. How can Spring only be a couple of weeks away? Snow will be gracing our world in the coming days and that news is causing us to stop and enjoy today just a little bit more... to smell the fresh air, to enjoy the puddles, to sit on the steps and just talk for a minute and to stop and listen to our friend's song for just a little longer.

The heavens declare the glory of God...
Psalm 19:1


  1. Love your new look-reminds me of spring.
    The picture of your girl tromping through the mud made me laugh-such are the days of blessings. Yes, the air is awash with spring yet we still have more white stuff. Glad you were all able to enjoy the day.

  2. I like your new blog look, too! So pretty! That shot reminds me of my back yard... basically a huge mud pit as we have no lawn back there yet and the boys' boots were so covered in mud after playing outside today that they had a hard time walking! I'm loving the warmer weather though and welcome Spring even with all the mud it brings.