Thursday, January 21, 2010

A story of salvation

It happened again last Sunday night. Our Pastor loves the gospel. It is life and brings life to all who believe. And on Sunday night, people got up and shared their stories. Stories of redemption. Friends share how they have been taken out of darkness and brought into life.

There was a time when I wondered if I had a story. I knew I was saved, yet, in some ways my life has been pretty boring and while I would not want that to be different, I often would wonder what I would share. Several years ago I read a book by Beth Moore and I realized I had a story. Every story is different, every story is unique but each story is a record of His love.... His faithfulness... His mercy.... His grace.... all flowing down from Heaven.


My mom was radically saved when I was two and it was at that point that I fell in love with the God who had rescued her. I was two and a half when I first asked Jesus in to my heart and while I don't remember it, I clearly remember always loving Him. I grew up wanting to walk with Him, wanting to share His love, wanting to serve Him... it was simple, I just passionaltley loved Him.

My heart was tender to Him and His ways.

And yet, there were times that I still questioned if I believed... if I was really saved... I wondered what would happen if I was to die right then, would I still enter Heaven... and I found myself continuing to say the sinners prayer again and again...

I was in ninth grade and the Lord began to touch my heart in a new way... He started proding and poking... Did I believe Him or was I putting my faith in the fact that I said the "sinner's prayer"? Did I believe that what He said was true? Did I trust His word to be true?

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.
Acts 16:31

And it was in an instant... I did believe. I believe He died for me and he saved me, a sinner. I no longer questioned Him. I no longer questioned if I was saved...

I was saved.

While I was not brought out of depression or drugs, I was brought out of darkness and a life of sin. I was radically brought to light. Not because of anything I did, but because of His goodness.

It's a story of redemption... It's a testimony of a God that radically saves and brings life. It's the story of my salvation.

I can look back and see time and time again His hand alive and active in my life. It's the story of a Father showing His love to a daughter...

It's a miracle... each and every story of salvation is a miracle...


  1. PTL!!! This is the best kinda story there is!!!

  2. Love this my girl...praise His holy name that you didn't have to go through the depths of a pagan life filled with sin to find Him. He reaches down and touches us right where we are and loves us with an everlasting love. You were my gift from the Father, your faith encouraged me on when I didn't think I could go any further and for that I am so grateful. He loved me enough to give me you.

  3. What a sweet story! My husband is the pastor of our church and we minister to college students. We have 4 kids (ds8, dd6, ds4, and ds2) and the oldest three kids all prayed to give their lives to Jesus. It is so encouraging to hear as we raise them in the fear of the Lord that they too will have such a sweet and encouraging story like yours. =0) Kellyc