Monday, May 4, 2009

Raising Little Warriors

Growing up I was a girly-girl.  I loathed anything that fell into the snake, spider, or scary category... I just never understood boys and their likes.  This fact is pretty funny to look back on because as much as I detested dirt and anything that crawled outside, I was still in love with Little House on The Prairie and the dream of living on land.  Anyway, I even remember sitting in horror as Brent would share stories of how he grew up shooting birds for fun.  For fun? You've got to be serious.

Now my days are full with two growing boys.  

Seeing jeans that have holes in them brings a smile to my face.  How is it that they seem to get holes in every pair of pants?  We have hands in our home that need to touch dirt... they love to explore and create using mud.  One minute they love the little creepy, crawly things and then the next minute they love to test their dominion over it, driving their Nana crazy.  :) There is a need to run, to wrestle, to build and to destroy.  They always seem to be running around with a gun in their hand and I'm reminded of stories from my dear husband, stories from his years running around on a small farm.  I laugh when I see them laying on the floor surrounded by legos with socks on that need to be changed...  they are so completely different then their little sisters.  

It's in those minutes that I smile.  I have come to love watching these boys.  They love life.   I'm excited about watching them grow into warriors and I find myself so full of vision for who they will become.   

As I see these boys running around and loving life, I whisper prayers...  that God would be at work in their young lives...  That they would fully surrender their lives and let Him take full control...  That even now they would be as grown up plants, having the heart of David and the character of Daniel.

That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth
Psalm 144:12

These boys bring such laughter into our home, such love, such strength and such energy...  

I'm so thankful for this journey of raising two little warriors.  


  1. Isn't is amazing that God knows what you need and what kind of mother the souls He sends us needs?!! I was far from a girly girl growing up and would often tell people who IF I ever had kids, it would be ALL BOYS. Well, here I am, 28 and the momma to the two most beautiful girls ever! I still really pray I will have a boy someday, but for now, God thinks I am a fine mother for daughters.

    God bless you on your journey to Christ...through the dirt!

  2. Like Holly, I too thought I'd have boys because I could play in the dirt with them and shoot and hunt bugs but I was so blessed by the two precious and wonderful girls my Lord gave me. I think He did that to teach me how to love girly-girls 8-). Now I love watching two little warriors play all the games I loved but I cherish watching two little girls playing mama. I wouldn't trade or change a thing. We are certainly blessed.

  3. Carrie,
    What a neat post! I too am constantly amazed at the wonders of boys! :) I really love your prayer for them...oh that they would go up to be strong men of God!

    Blessings from the valley!

  4. Hi, I found you through YCLF. I enjoyed reading your blog! I just had my first baby, a little boy! :)

  5. Wonderful to hear that mothers are raising God-fearing future husbands out there...coming from a mother of five girls (oh, and one little man myself). Enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Thank you!