Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Silly Things They Say

The kiddos keep us on our knees...  They bring joy and smiles to our faces...   and somewhere along they way they say the funniest things, causing us to stop and laugh....


Hey Mom, it's hot and cold outside!


Faith: Hey Benjamin are you asleep
John-John: He's asleep Faith
Faith: Are you asleep, John-John?
John-John: No


Said Kid: Where is Olivia?  Did she go back into your tummy?
Me: Umm....  no!?!?  You're a silly goose, that's for sure!!


My sweet girl, looking at a book, "reading" her own story:

Once upon a time...  when you were married, a daddy kissed a mommy...



  1. Love it! Brought smiles and laughs to me this day. You beat me at getting your post out...way to go girl.

  2. okay, your house must be so amusing and just simply a happy place to live!!! Love the last one.

  3. So funny about the kiss...our daughter asked when she could kiss on the lips. We told her "when you get married, you can kiss on the lips." So she blurted out for several days (and in several public places), "Daddy, when I get married, I can kiss you on the lips!"

  4. Oh...I LOVE the things kids say...the funniest one in awhile was when I was bending down and my dd said very seriously and with conviction, "Mom, I just love your big butt!" HAHAHAHAHA! Great! I am glad someone does! :P

    Thanks for sharing these, they are great! :)

  5. Some times you wonder where they come up with such things.
    Cute. Thanks for sharing.