Monday, March 2, 2009

It's been a long day for my little one.  

We were enjoying a nice lunch outside today, basking in the warmth.  I'm not sure fully what happened - either she was trying to climb up onto a little kid's chair or she fell down right by it but there was a lot of crying and she ended up with a nice cut right above her eye. 

Thankfully Daddy was home and Grandpa and Nana were able to come over to watch the other kiddos.  We headed off to an urgent care only to find out the Doctor did not feel comfortable working on a little one.  After listening to her suggestions about where to go and what to ask for, we headed off to the emergency in the next city.   

I was extremely happy with the care we received while there.  They were quick (as quick as you can expect for an emergency), gave a cute little stuffed puppy to her and were sensitive to her needs.   I didn't get queasy seeing the blood or watching the stitches being placed but it's always hard for a mama to see her little one scared and crying out in pain for mama while wrapped up like a burrito.  

Four stitches and several hours later found us on our way home.  The whole crew was tired and it was now time to work on dinner...

The house is now quiet and I think it's time for this Mama to get some sleep.  Olivia seems to be doing better...   she was a little tired and only wanted Mommy to hold her.   I don't blame her.  


  1. This so reminds me of you dear daughter, so many years ago. Little Liv's seems to have fared a tad bit better than you did and I'm so thankful that she was under the shadow of His hand and protected from greater harm. With love and prayers for a speedy healing.

  2. oh no, hope she is feeling better today and the cut area is not that sore. and hope you are doing better too mama -- no emergency room visits for me (yet), but I imagine I would be a little stressed...

  3. Awww, poor thing! That is super scary for them, and of course for us Mama's as well. Glad everything went well though. Praying for a quick recovery.

  4. Oh my, four stitches for our little Liv!! I am so sorry, but it sounds like she is carrying on the female tradition in the family and will carry a few more scars before childhood is behind her! A big kiss from us.

  5. What a day you had! It's nice that you have family close by.