Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wonder of all wonders...

Two years ago we made the trek up to a cabin in the mountains for Christmas.  We were able to spend a week there with my parents, sister and her family.  The days were gentle and quiet... our time was spent together, enjoying a simple Christmas.  It did not snow on Christmas day but the next morning we woke up to see the earth covered in white.  The snow continued on through out the day and my heart fell in love with one of His creations.  It was such a simple act, yet in that moment, with the snow falling fresh, the world seemed to pause and worship to Him began to flow.  There was something so peaceful about the snow falling.

The days are full for my little family... helping Daddy with work projects, preparing for my beloved and two little men to fly out to California for Great-Grandma's memorial service, a Church Christmas service to attend, preparing for Christmas, all that goes along with keeping a home of six running...

It's a cold day and snow has begun to drift down...  blessing us with a white blanket.  As snow floats down, brushing against my face as I walk to get the mail, bringing pure joy to my little ones as they go outside to just stand and enjoy, a song of worship flows from my heart, words of thanks and praise fall off my mouth.  Snow falling...  so simple and yet so profound. 

And then in that moment as it falls, my soul whispers to Him, and He reminds my heart... peace, be still.   

|Be still, and know that I am God
|Psalm 46:10                                    

Yes, Lord, Yes.


  1. Beautifully written! I miss the snow so much! I LOVED when it would snow in the evening really heavy on the trees, then from the city and the clouds above, there would be such a beautiful glow from all the city lights. You bring back many sweet memories! Enjoy the snow!

  2. It is amazing to look at where two years have taken us - 3 more kiddos to love, a new home, a new state, new jobs for our dear hubbies, new church and relationships....what a blessing!

  3. This verse OFTEN comes to mind when I am standing out in falling snow... I used it on my blog recently, too. It's one of my very favorites.