Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not your gifts, nor your grace nor even your glory, could satisfy the desire of a soul which you have made to long for yourself.  You, the Giver of all other precious things, are yourself the choicest, the 'unspeakable' gift!  Lord, into the thirst of my empty heart pour the full stream of your living love! Give me yourself, or I die! 
And having asked, I believe you do give, for your own lips have said it, 'He would have given', and I whisper softly to myself the blessed words, 'Who love ME and gave himself for Me', realizing the sacred, overflowing joy of pardoned sin, and peace with God, filling and satisfying my soul.
So, dear Lord, my spirit, like a weary bird, folds her wings beside this sweet well-spring of comfort, creeps into the blessed 'cleft of the rock', and is at rest.
Sussanah Spurgeon


  1. I loved this quote-it gaves me chills. Thank you my girl for your faithfulness in prayer and love.

  2. I thought about you when we were driving North on I-25 on our way from Colorado Springs to ND. :) I pray you and your family are doing well. Thanks for the congrats on our baby boy....we can't wait to meet him!