Monday, November 10, 2008

I once was lost, but now am found

Last night was amazing...  powerful... life changing...

Last weekend our Church did a conference and it was chalk full of teaching.  They were challenging messages, messages that rocked the core of what you believed and made you question it.  Was it dogma or was it from the Bible?  So, this Sunday our Pastor decided not to preach instead we sat and listened to testimony after testimony.  It was not planned and there was no prescript.  The plan had been to just have a night of worship but then our Pastor let those who wanted to share what the Lord had done in their life come up...  

We heard from both men and women who were radically saved from a life of drugs, alcohol, depression...  they weren't saved because they said this sinners prayer and then began a counseling program.   They turned to Him and believed and from that moment forward they were saved.   Not just saved from hell but saved from themselves.   They saw the power of God in their lives.

We heard from people raised in the Church, having said the sinners prayer when they were young and then having been baptized but still having walked in their parents faith.  Some wrestled with God, some were empty, but then there was this message or a song... the point finally came that they believed.  

They knew who God was.  They knew who Jesus was.  But for the first time they believed that He was, that He is. He had died on the cross for them. And at that point they died with Him and were raised again...  they now had a new life.  They believed.

We heard of miracle after miracle taking place.  Sometimes it took place at Church or in their home, sometimes on the side of a rode and some even took place last night...  

Miracle after miracle...  there is a God that is alive and active.    

He is a mighty God! A God who saves. A God who transforms. A God who takes us out of our darkness and brings us into His life.  

Miracles... each and every one.


  1. It was powerful beyond words to taste and see how good He is!

  2. Just reading about this brought tears of thanksgiving to my eyes. Wish I could have been there but I know there will be more times like this. Great post.