Friday, November 21, 2008

A day set aside for Thanksgiving

We took the day off from regular schooling today and instead set aside some special time to celebrate Thanksgiving. My Mom and Sister and her three little ones came over and we spent the morning doing Thanksgiving projects and reading books.  

We made little pilgrims.


Created Thankfulness trees... it's always so fun to listen to all that they are thankful for.  :)


We read two books on Thanksgiving.


For a special snack, I found this here, and loved how it incorporated the pilgrims story.   You give them the snack to put into a little bowl or basket while reading how it represents a different part of the Thanksgiving story.  

  1. Chocolate Earth Balls - The pilgrims lived in England where the king made all the laws and the people had to obey them. He told them what church they had to go to and how they had to worship. The pilgrims believed that they should be free to worship God the way they wished. When they heard about the New World in North America, they thought it would be a great place where they could go and live in freedom.
  2. Tiny Twist Pretzels - The pilgrims believed in God and felt that they should be free to worship God the way they wanted to. They should be able to pick their own pastors and make their own laws. The pretzels represent praying hands. The pilgrims prayed for a place they could go to be free to worship God the way they wanted to. They prayed for Gods protection on their trip across the ocean and for God to help them in the new land.
  3. Oyster crackers or other dried bread and jerky - If the weather was bad on the Mayflower, the pilgrims had to eat cold biscuits and salted meat.
  4. Stick Pretzel - The pilgrims cut down trees and used logs to build their homes.
  5. Mini Marshmallows - Reminds us of snow and the first winter in the new land in which only half the pilgrims survived.
  6. Candy corn and gold fish crackers - Squanto showed the pilgrims how to grow corn by placing four seeds into a little mound of earth and placing fish around the seeds.
  7. Life Saver Candies - God helped the pilgrims survive in the new land. He sent Squanto to help the pilgrims and show them how to find food. He was their life saver.
  8. Maple candies - Squanto showed the pilgrims how to tap the maple trees to get their sap.
  9. Teddy Grahams - The pilgrims had to learn to defend themselves against wild animals like bears.
  10. Trix Fruity Flavors or other fruit shapes or dried cranberries - Squanto taught the pilgrims where to find wild berries and fruits and how to dry them for the winter.

I think the morning was a success...


  1. It was a great morning! Love the new look on your have such a creative mind...wish i was more like you and sis.

  2. It was a wonderful time - we had so much fun!!!

  3. How fun! It sounds like you did a great job making memories with your family!

  4. hi Carrie!

    I love the Thanksgiving snack idea! Thanks for sharing it. If we don't "talk" this week, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!