Friday, October 17, 2008

Yep... just like soda

We were sitting in the living room the other morning reading a story on Benjamin Franklin...  

The story goes to tell how when Benjamin Franklin discovered the electric shock he would have friends come over and then he'd tell them to reach for a crown that was attached to the wire. His friends would grab the crown and quickly yell as they felt an unknown tingle going through their fingers.  

My Benjamin is always asking what words mean when he's not sure about them, so we were quickly stopped in our reading with his inquisitive mind wanting to know what a tingle is.

Well...  it would be like little tickles in your fingers...  or, remember when your foot fell asleep the other night?  It would kind of be like that...

Then John-John pipes up.  Benjamin, it would feel like a soda was in your fingers...

Yep.  Just like a soda.    

I guess?

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