Sunday, October 5, 2008

Such a challenge

We're having a quiet Sunday here.  My gang is off at Grandpa's working on Christmas presents, Olivia is sleeping, the dishwasher is running in the background which means the kitchen is clean, the windows are open letting in the fresh clean air of fall and it won't be time to get ready to go to Church for another couple of hours....  I'm enjoying the beauty of a sabbath.  

I just finished reading The Shaping Of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot.  I love all of her writings and this one was no different but the last chapter, oh my, that last chapter put forth such a challenge!  In this last chapter, entitled The Family Letters, she shares letters from her parents.  Her mother wrote letters weekly to all of the children...

Jim and Elisabeth Elliot were married twenty-seven months when Jim and four missionary colleagues were killed by Indians in Ecuador.  Elisabeth's mother, upon hearing of the news by shortwave wrote her daughter this letter.  

How I long to take you in my arms and comfort you.  As yet we have no official word as to the outcome.  ...  But through it all God is giving unbelievavle peace, not to ask that the boys be spared, but only that His perfect will may be accomplished and that you dear girls will be so wonderfully conscious of HIS perfect strength and grace that you may be surprised at the peace of heart that He can give.  
Trust... faith...  belief that He is good no matter the trial...

Elisabeth's mother wrote this verse at 3 a.m. while up praying for her children.

The Comfort of the Scriptures to a Mother of Six

I see him, Lord in all that frozen waste,
A gallant figure pushing dauntless on, 
The stinging snow and wind beat in his face -
I need Thy promise, Lord, to lean upon.
For Indian hearts are cold and icy too,
"A heart of flesh for stone, " I hear Thee say?
And also, "He shall let my captives go!"
Now rest, my heart, in this sure Word today.

In streaming jungle, Lord, midst crawling life,
She labors patiently to tell Thy love,
Where naught is known save only strife.
Whence comes my help if not from Thee above?
Arrows by day! Ah Lord, those Auca spears!
Thine angels charge to keep her?  Yes, I know-
But, Lord, terror by night, loneliness and tears-
Yes, Lord, such rivers "shall not overflow."

And on it goes, listing all six of her children. 

Challenging... Inspiring...  Beautiful, A Simply Beautiful picture of a Mother...


  1. Just amazing...Can I borrow the book?

  2. What a great role model, as is Suzanna Wesley....oh to pen such words that reflect such a steadfast heart. Look unto Jesus!